About Us

Doug Ellis - Realtor

Doug obtained his real estate license in early 2017 and joined JDK & Associates Realty after retiring as a Principal Engineer for Bay Area Rapid Transit.

Pursuing real estate full time was an easy transition for Doug because he has been around it for years as his wife, Gail, has been a real estate agent since 2004.  His engineering and problem solving background, along with attention to detail, has already proven to be valuable in his new career.  Real estate transactions can sometimes get a little crazy but Doug's logical and methodical approach keeps things moving in the right direction.

Doug loves electronics and technology in general but his most enjoyable hobby is restoring vintage 1980's video games.

The E Ticket Team

The term "E Ticket" is derived from the early days of amusement park rides when the price of the ticket was related to how thrilling the ride was.  There were five levels of tickets (A through E) with "E" being the best.  Though the days of the individual ride tickets are gone, the term "E Ticket" has survived and now is used to describe anything extraordinary.

What distinguishes the E Ticket Team from the competition is the level of detail, personal attention, use of technology and the overall value you receive so your experience will be extraordinary!

We live up to our name so sit back and prepare to be thrilled!

Doug Ellis